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Link Bubble is an application that works with your Internet browser allowing you to optimize your browsing time using a very simple process: it loads the first link that you click on in the background while it continues to show the current webpage in the foreground. So, you can keep looking at the content that you have in front of you, while the new web page loads in the background.

With the free version (the version that is available to download online) you will only be able to load one website in the background, while the paid version allows you to load as many pages as you want.

The website that you load in the background will be linked to a little bubble at the left of the screen, so when you click on the bubble, you can access the webpage without having to wait any time at all.

Link Bubble is a relatively interesting tool for users that usually browse the internet using their mobile phone, as it lets you save a few seconds while the webpages load.
Link Bubble is now Brave Browser and has added ad-block

We only ever had good things to say about Link Bubble, a browser that loads external links accessed from your apps in the background, saving you a few valuable seconds of transition time. A few months ago the studio was acquired by Brave Software, and now the app has been relaunched with a new name and additions such as an integrated ad-blocker.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher.